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"You Are Beautiful"

"You Are Beautiful" stickers celebrate 10 years of doing good! What started as a public art project to combat negativity in advertising by a college grad has become a movement to brighten the days of people everywhere. This tiny silver sticker with three little words has sparked a chain reaction worth continuing. 


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Berklee Student Creates Beautiful Music


Ellen welcomed 19-year-old Darrius, who was born with four fingers and has prosthetic legs. He talked about his journey and how it led him to Berklee College of Music. He also showed his impressive talent with a beautiful piano performance of his original composition. Ellen and her friends at Shutterfly gave him a special gift to help with his…


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Creativity is Ageless!!


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Premature Twins Separated at Birth Immediately Hug as They Meet for the First Time Outside the Womb

Ann Le's twins cuddle during their first metting All Ann Le wanted was for her twin girls to be healthy after arriving 12 weeks early, so when they shared their first out-of-womb interaction on her chest, the moment was even more rewarding. During her pregnancy, Le learned that she was carrying mono-chorionic mono-amniotic twins. The condition, referred to as “momo” twins, happens when the babies share an amniotic sac and placenta, according to Very Well Family. Ahead of the delivery,…


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Life Lessons

Inspired thinking from from a woman with 90 years of living under her belt. 


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Let there be light!

Ingenious! (click to read the full story)…


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The healing power of music

The cats name is Lucy. Lucy had…


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Beauty is Subjective

See what happens when different people from around the world photoshop the same picture to be "beautiful"


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Happy Pi Day!

Celebrate the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter OR eat a pie - your choice! 

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Give Your Locks For Love

Giving back comes in many forms, volunteering your time and donating money are the most common forms, but how about giving something of yourself. We're talking about your very own hair! Our Founder recently did just that and what she lost in length was far exceeded by what she gained! All you need is 10 inches of hair and you can help restore confidence in a child suffering from long term medical hair loss. 



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Bravo Kelly for being -- you!

Standing up for yourself is hard, in the public spotlight against a music icon like Clive Davis... even harder.

"I refuse to be bullied and I just have to clear up his memory lapses and misinformation for myself and for my fans. It feels like a violation. Growing up is awesome because you learn you don't have to cower to anyone - even Clive Davis."

Good for Kelly Clarkson for having the courage to defend…


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Urban Jungle

 The architecture closing in on the Elephant... the rich color... love this photo. photo: paul bica

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Valentine's Love Note To Mom

These letters are so cute. I love these notes they make me smile! 

I am going to write one to my mom today.

See the note

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Give back this holiday season!

It's the holiday season again. Time for family, friends, food, and of course shopping. When you are out and about picking up items for your loved one we hope you will consider picking up a toy for a child in need and donating to Toys for Tots.

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An American Worth Idolizing - Kellie Pickler

Hard to say if many people would go the lengths that former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler did to show her support for a friend. Her act of kindness: shaving her head to support a friend battling cancer teaches us all that beauty is much more about who we are on the inside! To quote Ellen Degeneres who tweeted this last night: "@kellypickler, you have never looked more beautiful." We agree!…


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Women Who Inspire

Meera Gandhi one of Donna Karan's women who inspire will be screening her short film and signing her new book Giving Back at The Mansion on O Street in Washington, DC. — Saturday July 21, 2012

See who inspires Donna Karan

This event is free but online reservations are required to attend. 

Make a…


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When does sacrificing health in favor of avoiding callous criticism cross the line?

Should bloggers be held accountable if their venomous critiques drive someone to change their healthy behavior or worse, harm themselves? See what this blogger has to say about it, and our cultures fixation on being thin.

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Eating Healthy Is Busting Your Budget? Not According To The USDA

I'm in a rush...

I don't feel like cooking...

Eating healthy is too expensive...

We have a ton of excuses why we prefer to eat things that aren't really healthy for us — but busting the budget is not a valid one according to the USDA.

Is healthy food really more expensive?

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