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The cats name is Lucy. Lucy had been sick for approximately two months. She had lost a considerable amount of weight and would not eat anything. We brought her to the vet a few times, with no diagnosis. Blood, urine, and feces were tested and all came back normal. The second trip to the vet an x-ray was taken, and that showed nothing out of the ordinary. I was sent home with pill to give her (if you have ever tried to give a cat a pill you know how laughable that was), to stimulate her appetite. That worked once, it was too much of a fist to administer the pill.

My best friend and Guru Sarah told me to put on some of Tisziji Munoz's music, she said it was healing. I did this with some skepticism, to my surprise Lucy sat in front of the front door listening. I did this every day for three days, she started slowly eating again and is now back to herself. Now, whenever I listen to Tisziji, Lucy is near me listening too. She is healed and is a wonderful loving cat. It's a beautiful thing, thank you spirit!!

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