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I had a new friend ask me the other day what is my art? I was taken back a little by the question. I had never had someone ask me anything like that before. It got me thinking. Do I have an art? My new friend's art is writing. She not only writes a very famous blog, she also writes for the free neighborhood paper.

My husband is a 3D animator. He is also an amazing guitar player. I would say his art is clearly 3D; however if you asked him, I have a feeling he would say it is the music. He is probably right! :) 

Just last night, my new friend was over to our pad. This was probably the 4th or 5th time she has chilled here. We got to talking again about what is my art. She stopped me mid sentence. "Your art is how you actually live. Your life is your art!" I may not have a tangible piece of "art" to show or a track listen to, but when you land up at my place, you will have a hand crafted cocktail and little treats to tickle lips! The walls will be decorated with all things that inspire me and will inspire you too. From vintage band posters to old Thrasher magazine cartoons. Everyone is always welcome and no one ever wants to leave!

So what is your art? 

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